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Honey Creek Ranch

Duval County, 12 miles NW of San Diego

18 Lots Available

Starting From $75,600

Duval County

Property Description

Honey Creek Ranch is located 12 mile NW of San Diego,TX near the end of County Road 104. There is electricity available to a majority of the tracts offered for sale. The ranch is rolling South Texas brush country. This is typical South Texas vegetation which includes mesquite, acacia, prickly pear, lotebush, granjeno, white-brush, black-brush, Texas ebony, huisache and wild olive in places forming dense, almost impenetrable thickets. Whitetail deer, feral hogs, javelina, turkey, dove and quail can all be found on the ranch. Access is off a County Road, with good all weather interior roads behind a locked entrance gate. Tract 46 has an old ranch house on it that will require extensive repair. There is also a working well, out building and an old set of corrals on the tract. This ranch is an ideal location for someone looking for a small recreational tract of land in South Texas. All tracts can be owner financed with fixed interest rates for up to 30 years with a 5% down payment. Call or email for more information or to set up an appointment to see the property.

Lots & Prices

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Lot Name Total Acres Total Price
5 25.63 $85,860.50
6 28.82 $102,311
7 ELECT. 30.27 $113,512.50
12 24.32 $85,120
14 ELECT. 23.89 $89,587.50
15 ELECT. 22.70 $85,125
16 21.60 $75,600
24 ELECT. 25.74 $96,525
25 ELECT. 29.68 $105,364
26 ELECT. 41.37 $151,000.50
27 ELECT. 29.16 $109,350
29 1/4 INT. WELL, ELECT. 27.62 $117,385
32 1/4 INT. WELL, ELECT. 39.23 $166,727.50
34 ELECT. 24.05 $90,187.50
36 ELECT. 21.92 $80,008
43 37.20 $122,760
44 33.72 $111,276
46 HOUSE, WELL 80.50 $321,598


Rolling South Texas brush


3 working water wells on the ranch. Two of the wells will be shared by adjoining tracts. Wells in the area are 300-350' deep.

Grazing Lease

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Honey Creek Ranch


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