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Wild Canyon Ranch

Southwest Edwards County

13 Lots Available

Starting From $100,395

Edwards County

Property Description

Wild Canyon Ranch is located at the end of Edwards County Road 635. This is a very rugged and scenic ranch with endless Hill Country Views. The cover on the ranch consists of live oak, pinon pine, cedar and hackberry trees along with the native brush and grasses of the area. This is a superb hunting and recreational property with whitetail deer, free ranging exotics including axis deer and aoudad, feral hogs, turkey and all species of fur bearing animals common to the Hill Country. Owner financing is available on all property in the ranch with as little as 5% down for up to 30 years. Call today for more details toll free at 800-876-9720.

Lots & Prices

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Lot Name Total Acres Total Price
1 53.82 $104,949
4 87.75 $171,113 PENDING CT 10/17
5 1/3 INT. WELL 192.52 $364,825
8 111.09 $205,517
9 1/3 INT. WELL 154.46 $308,920
10 106.20 $207,090
12 84.49 $164,756
13 95.37 $185,972
14 110.13 $203,741
15 1/3 INT. WELL 105.58 $226,997
19 66.91 $143,857
23 ELECT. 44.62 $100,395 PENDING TT 10/16
24- 3 DWELLINGS, BARN, PENS 206.32 $650,000


Rugged hills and valleys with dense cover of native trees.


Community water station available to all land owners to haul water to their property.


Community water station. Electric available on some tracts.


Hunting, camping, hiking and enjoying the great outdoors.

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